Terms Of Use

Terms Of UsePlease note!

For health and safety reasons we do not set up in severe weather conditions such as high winds or storm weather warnings. If there is an unforeseeable cancellation due to bad weather you will be refunded.

Payment terms

20% of the total cost is payable upon confirmation of the order. The remaining 80% is payable immediately upon distribution and the erection of the marquee and/or furniture. If a deposit has not been paid, then your booking will not be confirmed.


We reserve the right to withdraw or revise any quotes up until the time of acceptance. The hirer, upon receipt of a deposit, will confirm acceptance in writing.

Site Conditions

The company will not be held accountable for any damage caused to services buried beneath the surface that we have not been made aware of.

The hire charge includes the erection and removal of the marquees and does not include the improvement or repairs to your ground/garden unless an additional maintenance service has been paid for.

The hirer or a representative must be available to check the equipment and to discuss the location of the equipment.

You are fully responsible for the suitability and reliability of the power-point.

The area where the items will be installed must be cleared no less than 24hrs prior to delivery date and site is to be totally cleared of all loose items.

Hire conditions

The company is only responsible for the erection and dismantling of the marquees and the delivery of equipment unless you have paid for site corrections, e.g, mowing of the lawn.

You will be liable for any additional costs due to extra work or equipment needed due to unforeseen circumstances. This will include delay due to subcontractors or clients who have not removed or installed additional equipment.


Should the hirer cancel a confirmation of booking less than fourteen days before the hire date, the deposit paid is non-returnable.

If the hirer cancels the booking near the contracted date, we are entitled to keep or receive an amount sufficient to cover our actual losses that directly resulted from the hirer’s cancellation.

If the equipment is incorrect or faulty we will do our best to rectify the problem.

We reserve the right to use the best substitute if necessary. If we cannot substitute an alternative we will notify you of the cancellation of the contract and refund the deposit immediately, but otherwise, no claim shall lie against us.


If there is any damage to equipment, a full charge of repair and/or replacement will apply.

You must not enter the equipment whilst the company is erecting it.

You must not tamper with the structure or any part of the equipment.

Prior to the commencement of the hire period, you must inform the company in writing of the address and/or addresses at which the equipment is to be occupied.

Transferring any of the equipment to any other address will not be allowed without the written consent of the company.


We will not accept liability for the following:

(a) Delay or non-delivery due to grass sites that have not been cut, or the site being unsuitable or non-accessible.

(b) Late or non-delivery due to war, riots, strikes or industrial disputes.

(c) Late or non-delivery due to adverse wind or weather conditions.

(d) Injury to persons or property during the period.

(e) Problems due to not obtaining appropriate permission from public or local authorities.

(f) Loss or damage to equipment due to floods or accident.

In the event of any dispute with us, these terms and conditions will be governed by English law. If any one of these terms are considered unlawful then they shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining terms or conditions.

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