Sound System

Do-It-Yourself DJ Packages to suit your party or event. Very efficient and easy to operate, even for the first-timers.

Sound System
Sound System
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Sound system
Hire two top speakers and unit

When you hire this powerful DJ / ‘Do it yourself’ disco system that is suitable for 150 guests, you get professional sound and equipment in a simple to operate package. This allows you to host your own party with your own music from a phone, laptop or CD.

PA system features

Microphone insert.

Audio Streaming.

Play all your portable devices with the auxiliary cable.

Connect your phone or laptop to this device via auxiliary cable (provided)

All cables and speaker stands are provided.


Sound System
Sound System
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2 bass speakers and cables

If you require that extra bass, then hire our woofers coupled with the top speakers. Great for adult parties with that thunderous bass what will deliver that full depth of the top speakers.

CD features

Automatic Disc Calibration System (advance reads CDR’s and adjusts the player for format problems)

Double Disk CD Player.

Instant Start.

Frame Accurate.

Jog Wheel Looping.


Digital Output.

Robo Start (relay play)

Fly Cue and Pitch Bend.

4%, 8%, and 16% Pitch Range.

Multi-Speed Jog Search Wheel.

Mixer features

4 Stereo Channels.

Cue Section.

3 Phono/Line Convertible, 5 Line, and 3 Mic Inputs.

Cut Feature for Bass, mid and High for each channel.

tone controls for each channel.

Gain (0 to -20dB) per channel.



Balanced and Unbalanced Master Outputs.

Booth and Record outputs.

Speaker tops

700 Watts (each)

Subwoofer speakers

250 Watts RMS (each) program power 500 Watts (each)


1000 Watts total output.