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Do-It-Yourself Package to suit your party or event. Very efficient and easy to operate, even for first-timers.

Quality sound matters

Do you plan to host a party or an event in the northwest of England? Aside from the iPod and the miniature speakers your mother gave you for Christmas, you’ll want more. For relatively large to medium-sized events at home, our PA sound system can deliver excellent sound that is powerful.

Easy-to-use PA system

This top-notch PA system is configured in a user-friendly package and generates a massive 1600-watt “do-it-yourself” disco system that can support 100 people.
This enables you to organise your own party with music played by an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth receiver from a phone, tablet, or laptop.

About The speakers

The 15-inch woofer produces a midrange that is faithfully reproduced and has a very tight, powerful bass. Thanks to the compression driver with a mylar dome in front of a low-compression, tailored design, the high frequencies are precise and realistic. It is the ultimate all-around solution due to its adaptability in both monitoring and playback

Foldable DJ Booth System Overview

The Booth System puts you in the centre of the stage. The included vented shelf can hold up to 25kg of equipment and features cable cutouts for easy routing. With a mesh upper facade, you can keep cables and connections private without blocking the view of yourself or your guests.

The booth comes complete with both black and white Lycra panels. These are perfect for covering up other equipment, record collections, loose cables, and more, while the white panels can also be lit from behind to create unique effects and vibrant colours in an instant.

Mixer features

• Six total inputs with a phantom-powered XLR jack on channel 1

• 1/4” Main, Tape, Headphone and Aux outputs for flexible signal routing

Unit connectivity



• Laptop

• Smartphone

• Ipad

This is the total output for (each) speaker.

• 800 Watt Peak, 400 Watt RMS bi-amplification

• 129 dB max SPL

• 90 x 60, Wide dispersion, constant directivity horn

• 15″ woofer, high-power 2.5″ voice coil

• 1″ HF driver, mylar dome, 1.5″ voice coil

• Frequency Response: -3 dB: 45 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz

• Max SPL: 129 dB

• Horizontal coverage angle: 90°

• Vertical coverage angle: 60°

• Compression Driver: 1″, 1.5″ v.c.

• Woofer: 15″, 2.5″ v.c.

• Input signal: bal / unbal

• Input connectors: xlr

• Output connectors: xlr

• Input sensitivity: 0 dBu

• Mic. Input Sensitivity: -40

• Crossover frequencies: 1650 Hz

• Protections: DC/short cir.

• Limiter: Fast limiter

• Controls: Volume, EQ settings

• Total power: 800 W PEAK

• High frequencies: 200 W PEAK

• Low frequencies: 600 W PEAK

• Total power: 400 W RMS

• High frequencies: 100 W RMS

• Low frequencies: 300 W RMS

• Cooling: Convection

• Connections: VDE connector in

• Cabinet Material: Composite PP

• Hardware: 4xM10 flying p.

• Handles: 2 sides, 1 top

• Height: 680 / 26.67 mm/inch

• Width: 405 / 15.94 mm/inch

• Depth: 345 / 13.58 mm/inch

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