PA Sound System

Do-It-Yourself DJ Packages to suit your party or event. Very efficient and easy to operate, even for the first-timers.

PA Sound System
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The beast
2 top speakers
2 bass speakers
Cables included
Speaker stands included
Table for unit included

Easy to use PA sound system

When you hire this powerful DJ / ‘Do it yourself’ disco system that is suitable for 150 guests, you get professional sound and equipment in a simple to use package. This allows you to host your own party with music from a phone, laptop through the auxiliary cable provided. Additionally, there is a Bluetooth connection suited to phones or laptops with no auxiliary insert.

System recommendations

We would recommend hiring the subwoofers and the top speakers together if you’re using this system in a marquee or if the music you’re playing is bass-heavy.

PA system features

• Microphone insert is built in the unit.

• Play all your portable devices with the auxiliary cable.

Bluetooth connectivity for Smartphones or Laptops

Cables, speaker stands and the unit table is provided.

PA System Unit

PA Sound System
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Sound system unit
Unit comes with stand

• 3 Phono/Line Convertible, 5 Line, and 3 Mic Inputs.

• Cut Feature for Bass, Mid, and High for each channel.

Tone controls for each channel.

Amplifier features

• 2 Channel 1000W Amplifier.

• 2 Channel amplifier with two outputs.

• Clear sound with 1000W of power.

• Input through 6.35mm (1/4 inch) jack or XLR connections.

• Connect to any passive speakers with speakON connections.

Mixer features

• 4 Stereo Channels.

• Cue Section.

• Gain (0 to -20dB) per channel.

• Balanced and Unbalanced Master Outputs.

• Booth and Record outputs built-in as standard.

Unit connectivity

• Includes one auxiliary cable.

Bluetooth connectivity.

• Connect to:

• Laptop.

• Smartphone.

• Ipad.

• Simple plug and play or connect via bluetooth.

Top Speakers

PA Sound System
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Top speakers
Top speakers comes with stands

• Type 15″ 2-way PA speakers.

• Power: 700w max.

• Sensitivity: 105db.

Requency: 45hz-20k hz.

Impedance: 8 ohm.

• Treble circuitry protection.

• Speaker stands are included.

Bass Speakers

PA Sound System
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2 bass speakers and cables


Internal bandpass filter.

32-130Hz frequency response.

250 watts RMS Continuous, Program Power 500 watts.

Sensitivity (1watt/1meter) 98dB.

8 Ohms nominal impedance.

LED Drinks Bar

PA Sound System
LED Glow Bar
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