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3 Metre Wide Range

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Services 3 Small pretty marquee
White 3m wide range from £70
Top of the range structures.
All our structures have aluminium weight-bearing frames and are corrosion resistant. They can withstand wind speeds of up to 50mph or more and are the strongest models to date.

4.5 Metre Wide Range

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6m x 45m marquee with lighting, flooring, tables and chairs.
White 4.5m wide range from £190
Commercial grade.
Every marquee we hire is a favourite among commercial users and has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the professional market by utilising the highest quality materials available to date.

6 Metre Wide Range

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6m x 6m marquee with leg curtains and valances.
White 6m wide range from £250
Suitable for most weather conditions.
The marquees help in protecting you against direct rain, hailstone, snow, and cold weather. However, we would recommend hiring our Electric/Gas marquee heaters in case the temperature begins to fall.

Black Range

Services 2 unnamed
Services 7 rsz black 45m x 6m marquee edit
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Suitable as cooking shelters.
These folding marquees are the ideal solution to protect your next outdoor bbq event or party from that ‘chance of rain’, or as a large, lovely sunshade retreat for guests.

Anchorage & Safety

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Services 9 Weights 1
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Weighted water tanks designed for marquees.
We have upgraded our marquees anchoring system with high-quality weights.

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Panel Bars

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Services 11 4.5m 12m beautiful marquee with uplights

Make the marquees stronger

We would strongly recommend hiring the panel bars and joint kits if you are using the structures with sidewalls or rear windows.

This prevents the fabric from sagging and flapping in the wind. Furthermore, it minimises creases in the material and makes the structures much stronger.

Every panel bar threads through each sidewall & rear window at the bottom and connects to the structure’s legs with the joint kits provided.

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Added Bonus

Services 2 unnamed
Services 13 3m x 9m beauty of a marquee

Private events

With private gatherings in secure locations, we deliver the day before the event so the tents are in place early to decorate at your leisure. We collect the products the day after your event has finished.

Public events

In some cases, set up and collection of the products proceeds on the same day if the event is on unsecured grounds.

Discounted prices

If you would like to hire the products longer than the first 2 nights allotted, there will be an 80% discount for each day afterward.

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Site Visit

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Services 15 81gjDIPCzDL. AC SL1500

Plan ahead

Do you know which marquee size is best suited to accommodate the number of guests attending? Or do you have an awkward size area where you want the equipment to be installed? If you are unsure, then we recommend that you contact us to arrange a professional site inspection.

Site visit fee

An assessment is available within a 40-mile radius of Manchester M41 7AL. There will be a flat fee of £25 to inspect your area, which could take 30 to 45 minutes. Additionally, there will be a fuel charge of 50 pence per mile.

Site inspection

Step by step, we will measure, check for any obstacles and explain in detail which equipment we recommend for your specific needs.

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