Here are some of the services we provide.

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Gazebo Hire

Top of the range Gazebos & Marquees!

All our Gazebos & Marquees have aluminium weight-bearing structures and are corrosion resistant.

They can withstand wind speeds of up to 50mph and are the strongest models to date.

We hire the very best in quality and value for money as we’re all about quality, not quantity!


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Marquee Hire

A Top Party marquees help in protecting you against direct rain, hailstone, snow and cold weather. However, we would recommend hiring our Electric/Gas marquee heaters in case the temperature begins to fall.


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Disco Dome

This is our very popular Disco Dome castle, it’s more than just your average bouncy castle. Its dome-shaped roof gives it a ‘different’ look and then you step inside.


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Sound system

If you want to raise the roof of your party then, look no further. Our PA system will deliver that quality sound you need. Good for kids parties with a reasonable amount of bass.


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Disco Lighting

The disco lights provide an effect that really stands out from the rest. Projecting an extremely surreal pattern of effects upon its targeted surface and highly detailed, crisp beams of light that dance around you as they cross each other in sequence.


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Globe Lighting

Evenings are becoming a favorite time to host special occasions among adults. You have the edge of literally lighting up your party to make it nothing short of amazing. Allow the perfect lighting to enhance your marquee and reflect the significant conversion of your party space. Light always adds charm and a beautiful vibe to a celebration, enhancing its grandeur.


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Our heaters provide heat for you and your guests with no fumes or smell. The 1.0kW, 2.0kW infra-red heaters or fan assisted heaters warms directly without the need to heat the air in between. Perfect for marquees and parasols.


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Hire our tables and dine with friends or family in a pleasant atmosphere. These are suitable to host any kind of celebration or event. If you’re confined to space inside your home, hiring our tables are a great alternative to space saving. Add table covers to give that finishing touch.


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This compact and flexible black/grey chair is an excellent choice for comfort. This item is the perfect choice if you are struggling for space. These chairs have a padded leather effect and has as a sturdy lightweight steel frame. Folding chairs are of practical use when permanent seating is not possible.


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Leg Covers

Add some elegance to your marquee with our leg covers. These stylish leg covers will give your marquee that added beauty and class. Marquee leg covers will definitely give a wedding feel if you do not require marquee side panels. Our aim with every item we hire is customer satisfaction. This product is a testament to that goal.


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Curved Valances

Beautify your marquee with our sophisticated Curved Valance. The Valance strips go together with our Leg Covers perfectly. Why not add elegance to your marquee even further with these simple, but effective add-on’s? For such an economical hiring price you can blow your guests away with these stylish additions to your marquee.


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Great for camping, awning, gazebos, and marquees, used also for exhibition shows, event walkways, etc. Our flooring has the benefits of being environmentally friendly as it allows the grass to breathe. Our flooring is made of waterproof material.


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If your grass area is muddy then, we would recommend hiring our tarpaulin sheets. This will keep your feet free from mud that will surface through the breathable carpet. Our strong, durable tarpaulin sheets are best hidden underneath our carpet and will prevent any of the issues mentioned above.


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