Party Doctors

Quality Marquees 1 white 6m x 6m marquee 1
Quality Marquees 2 rsz drapes and 3m x 6m marquee

Consider us the party doctors. With prices and equipment to suit any occasion or budget, we are sure we will be the doctor to your party needs.

Regardless of how the English summer is treating us, there are bound to be times when you would like to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about an assault by the sun or rain. If you want a shady spot to enjoy your garden from, or if you enjoy drinking your coffee and having a nice meal with family or friends, even when it’s drizzling, a marquee can offer you the shelter you need to make the most of your outdoor space.

The main advantage of our marquees is that they allow you to feel that you are outside in the fresh air and sunshine. As we provide an option between having the marquee fully enclosed, partially closed, or open with leg curtains and Morrocan canopies. Though marquees will protect you from rain and drizzle, they don’t create a barrier between you and your garden.

If you love to be outside and feel the cool breeze caressing your skin, we think that one of our high-quality marquees would be perfect for you.

Our leg curtains and Moroccan canopy strips illustrate a simple but elegant design and it will truly look great in the summertime or cooler weather.

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