Summer Garden Party

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How to turn your garden into an enchanting party venue.

Great garden party ideas start with thinking about what furniture to use in your marquee, consider what best suits the area you will be using to make a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Choose a garden party theme or colour – maybe echo the colours of any flowering shrubs or plants nearby – and add tablecloths, seat cushions and napkins to reflect your chosen colour palette. As for the marquee fabric; our Moroccan canopy strips and leg curtains look pretty for summer garden parties and will give extra protection from the sun if the weather is scorching.

Extend your theme into other areas by stringing up large brightly coloured paper pompoms or other garden party decorations such as bunting. Flowers in the same shade add well thought out detail. A formal arrangement adds a sophisticated touch to a garden party, but less structured arrangements of simple blooms in containers such as jugs or jars will create an understated feel more in sympathy with the surroundings. Nothing gives off that Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe more than fairy lights strung in trees (just make sure they are suitable for outdoor use).

Marquees can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish, and they will always have a use at a garden party, come rain or shine. Marquees in a garden create an exterior room, extending the drawing-room for those times when you could of over-invited. It is perfect for where space is limited.

In the last article, you learned more about having leg curtains and fancy marquee additions, as opposed to the standard configuration of side panels and door entrances.

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