Lighting Effects

Quality Marquees 1 rsz lighting and gazebo
Quality Marquees 2 rsz leg curtains 2

Set the right mood to create the perfect party atmosphere with various lighting options we offer.

Lighting effects can transform your event and can be a cost-effective way to make an impact when your guests arrive. Here is an example; where the LED Glow Bar is creating an amazing and powerful effect that would look even better in person.

A Top Party has been installing lighting in marquees for years and we have the ability to cater to a range of budgets and to create a warm and comforting atmosphere.

Lighting can transform a marquee and easily change the tone or mood of an event depending on what you want to achieve. As you will see from this example, you don’t always need big, expensive rigging to create a unique or amazing effect!.

All that is needed is some creativity and imagination to transform your marquee by using effective lighting. In this case, hiring an elegant and stylish LED glow bar will do just that.

In the next article, you can learn more about what will be the right PA sound system for your needs.

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