Quality Marquees

Quality Marquees 1 BIG Marquee
Quality Marquees 2 rsz white marquee 3m x 12m

The quality of our equipment is exceeded only by the quality of our service.

A Top Party marquees are a favourite among commercial users and have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the professional market by utilising the highest quality materials available to date. Featuring a fast build mechanism, the structure is quickly erected by two professionals from our team. The frame comes fully assembled with no expense spared boasting profile aluminum joints on all leg and centre poles, giving an unbeatable performance when it comes to heavy-duty use. Our market research shows that our customers are looking to hire top end Trademark products that are clean and robust with superb quality to match.

Before we committed to purchasing the equipment, we did extensive research when sourcing our marquees and products, consequently, we found a highly rated supplier in Britain. Whilst our structures are “Top Range”, some competitors compromise with “Mid Range” quality structures. The return on investment with midrange products will be far quicker than those of top range, but in the grand scheme of things as time ticks by, replacing parts for midrange structures will not be cost-effective. In all the years we have been operating, we have not needed to replace a single structural component. Our structures have been out in very high winds when unpredictable weather strikes.

We are always researching and learning about the newest trends and the latest products to keep us one step ahead of our competitors. As a result, the customer will get great satisfaction knowing they are hiring top quality products with prices that are affordable to everyone. We will match like for like quotes on products that are of the same high standard to ours.

Our marquees are top-of-the-line; this can be confusing for the general public when viewing similar-looking marquees elsewhere. One example of this is measurement. You will find other companies measuring the framework from corner to corner to get 50mm; if you measure A Top Party structures from corner to corner, you will get a measurement of over 60mm, a huge difference in quality.

A Top Party marquees are British manufactured structures made to meet The United Kingdom and European Standards for high wind loading, fire retardancy, etc. They can be erected on any surface and adapted to the size of your event. They are white or black in colour and constructed using a heavy-duty aluminium weight-bearing system. Our quality marquees are, quite simply, the best available on the market.

In the next article, you can learn more about the benefits of using the right furniture.

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