Heaters & Flooring

Infrared heater
1000w heater

1000w heaters are the lower powered heaters when hired, as single or multiple units.

This large unit radiant 1000w infrared marquee heater is designed to clamp to any strong structure from 12.5mm to 60mm diameter surface which makes it ideal, for awnings, marquees, and gazebos. It provides heat for you and your guests with no fumes or smell. The 1.0kW infra-red heater warms directly without the need to heat the air in between. Great for marquees and parasols.

Infrared heater
Slightly warmer than the 1000w infrared heater

1300w heaters are the lower powered heaters when hired, as single or multiple units.

Keep out the chill with the 1300w infrared Gazebo & Marquee heaters. These are simple and easy to use, provide instant heat and are compatible with all the marquee we hire. They are very versatile and can be used on parasols, marquees and poles up to 60mm diameter with its adjustable clamp or wall mounted.

Fan heater
1500w electric fan heater

1500w heaters are the lower powered heaters when hired, as single or multiple units.

This 1500w electric fan heater is ideal for industrial applications and is perfect for medium marquee spaces. It tilts so you can point the heat in the direction you need and it has three heat settings with thermostat control, plus fan mode. A totally dry heat with no condensation, no gas, no fumes, so there will be no smell.

*  Tilting portable fan space heater hot & cold

*  No fumes, odors or humidity

*  3 heat settings (cool air 1000w & 15000w)

*  Adjustable thermostat

*  Heavy-duty steel element

*  Fan motor with thermal protection

*  Heat setting & fan only option for summer use

*  Overheat safety cut-off

*  CE approved

*  RoHS compliant

Electric heater
2000w electric carbon fibre heater
(Recommended for winter use)

2000w heaters are the higher powered heaters when hired, as single or multiple units.

Our 2000w electric carbon fibre heater offers an incredible 2000w of direct heat, it is the perfect product for use inside your marquee. The patented carbon fibre heating elements emit heat through infrared waves offering extremely low running costs. Outputs heat in seconds warms up your marquee in minutes. Just what you need when winter comes! Supplied with industrial power cable and sealed watertight plug.

So for a pleasant atmosphere wherever the location, choose the sleek, stylish, and efficient A Top Party marquee heater.

Propane heater
Output: 10,250-15,354Btu/hr
(Recommended for winter use)

Propane heaters are the highest powered heaters when hired, as single or multiple units.

Ceramic plaque type heater.
Steel tube stand with built-in handle.
Adjustable output from 10,250 to 15,354Btu/hr.
Supplied with 37mbar fixed regulator and 3m gas hose.
Gas bottle included.

Fuel: Propane
Output: 10,250-15,354Btu/hr
Fuel Consumption: 0.22-0.33kg/hr

Dimensions: height 330mm x width 304mm x depth 254mm

We would fix this gas heater to the crossbar structure in the roof with the head facing down for efficiency, and we would leave the (included) gas bottle outside the marquee at the back and demonstrate this easy to use gas heater.


Artificial turf
3m x 3m artificial turf £25
3m x 4.5m artificial turf £35
3m x 6m artificial turf £45
3m x 9m artificial turf £60
Tarpaulin included with all sizes

Our high-quality artificial turf is a natural looking grass that has a freshly mowed, neat look with the lighter colour tones giving a summer feel. Any flat area where you choose to use the artificial turf to host your event will definitely give your guests a “Wow-factor” and a unique experience! In person, our artificial turf looks nothing short amazing and it complements the marquee or gazebo perfectly.

Stand out from the crowd and give it a try as we are positive you won’t be let down.

Suitable for all type of ground

Our Artificial turf is recommended for all types of ground, whether that be, hard ground, grass, decking etc.

Please Note!

We have had our turf custom made with tarpaulin fixed underneath to give the turf extra strength than the average turf. Edging trim will also be “supplied” with our turf to make the entrance look professional!

For best installation, the hard ground should be flat, even and free of debris.

Grass should be even, flat, trimmed and clean.

The area where the artificial turf will be installed, there needs to be at least 4m width clearance for the turf to settle correctly.

The 3m x 4.5m to 3m x 6m rolls, we would need clear access to the garden as these turfs can become big and heavy; especially when wet.

We will be getting bigger sizes cut soon!

Outdoor matted flooring
3m x 3m flooring £15
3m x 4.5m flooring £20
3m x 6m flooring £25
3m x 9m flooring £40
Outdoor matted flooring
3m x 12m flooring £50
3m x 18m flooring £75
3m x 24m flooring £100
4.5m x 6m flooring £40
4.5m x 9m flooring £60
Outdoor matted flooring
4.5m x 12m flooring £80
6m x 6m flooring £50
6m x 9m Flooring £75
6m x 12m flooring £100

Great for camping, awning, gazebos, and marquees, used also for exhibition shows, event walkways, etc. Our flooring has the benefits of being environmentally friendly as it allows the grass to breathe. Our flooring is made of waterproof material. It has a gloss coat so dirt doesn’t stick, making this flooring very easy when cleaning. The flooring can be quickly wiped or hosed down if desired.

Please Note!

Our outdoor flooring is recommended for grass areas as each corner should be pegged firmly. It has been used on hard surfaces with no complaints, whether it holds in place without it riding up would be your own risk.

3m x 3m tarpaulin £2.50
3m x 4.5m tarpaulin £5
3m x 6m tarpaulin £7
3m x 9m tarpaulin £10
3m x 12m tarpaulin £14
3m x 18m tarpaulin £21
3m x 24m tarpaulin £28
4.5m x 6m tarpaulin £10
4.5m x 9m tarpaulin £15
4.5m x 12m tarpaulin £20
6m x 6m tarpaulin £14
6m x 9m tarpaulin £21
6m x 12m tarpaulin £28

(For Muddy Grass)

If your grass area is muddy then, hiring our tarpaulin sheets are the solution. This will keep your feet free from mud that will surface through the breathable carpet. It will also help prevent stiletto heels from piercing through the carpet and through the ground. Our strong, durable tarpaulin sheets are best hidden underneath our carpet and will prevent any of the issues mentioned above.

For health and safety, our tarpaulin sheets must be used on grass or soil areas.

All the flooring options are highly maintained and jet washed after each use to give you the best experience possible. However, there is to be “no smoking” inside the marquee at any time! Not only can this damage the marquee fabric, but it can also burn the flooring from the hot ash.