Glow Stool

Glow Stool 
Glow Stool 
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Glow Stool
Colour Changing LED Mood Cube
10-12 hour operating time
Remote control
5 brightness settings

What stands out

Colour Changing 40cm LED Mood Cube is a cool feature for homes, gardens, clubs, bars and festivals. Use as a stool, table or decoration

• Light contains 24 RGB LEDs which emit a funky, ambient glow in 16 different colours; choose from a static or colour changing function

• Remote control for wireless operation. Choose from 6-speed settings; 5 brightness settings; and Strobe, Fade and Smooth/Flashlight effects

• Light effects allow you to create an ideal ambience for any occasion. For example, select strobe at a faster speed for a pulsing, party beat

• Removable 4000mAh battery with 10-12 hour operating time. Rechargeable using the USB charger plug included. 4-5 hour charge time

The details

Create a party vibe or chilled ambience with this Colour Changing LED Cube Stool. The 40cm cube contains a colour-changing LED light module which emits a funky, ambient glow. Not only is it great for homes and gardens, but it’s a funky feature for clubs, bars and summer festivals. Features: Removable 4000mAh battery with 10-12hr operating time and USB charger plug. Remote control to change speed, brightness and settings. 5 brightness settings: Create a brighter or softer glow. 6-speed settings: Change the speed the LEDs change colour. Smooth: LEDs seamlessly change from one colour to the next. Strobe: An intermittent flashing effect; select a slower speed for a soothing strobe or increase the speed for a pulsing, party beat. Fade changes light intensity so LEDs fades from bright to soft (alternates between red, blue-green and white only). Flash: LEDs flash and change colour. LED cube light is IP45 safety rated.