Marquee Rentals


6m x 9m marquee
Preview 5 party tent categories, which include both white and black marquees. Alternatively, you can jump to pages via the main menu or drop-down menu shortcut.

3M Wide Range

Event Marquee Hire 1 rsz 3m x 3m white gazebo
White 3m range from £80
Our structures all have aluminium weight-bearing frames that are resistant to corrosion. They can withstand gusts of up to 50 mph and are the strongest models to date.

4.5M Wide Range

4.5m x 6m party tent
White 4.5m range from £190
Every marquee we rent is a favourite among businesses and was specially created using the best materials currently available to fulfil the needs of the professional market.

6M Wide Range

6m x 6m white marquee and green artificial turf
White 6m range from £250
Direct rain, wind, hail, and cold weather are all things that the marquees help shield you from. However, if the weather starts to drop, we advise renting one of our electric or gas marquee heaters.

Black Range

Event Marquee Hire 2 rsz black 45m x 6m marquee edit
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These foldable marquees are the perfect option for protecting your upcoming outdoor barbecue or celebration from the “chance of rain” or serving as a sizable, lovely escape from the sun for guests.

Marquee Saftey

Weights for marquees
Weights, electricals & panel bars
On this page, you can learn more about the necessity to stabilise the marquees. As we also provide you with a quick explanation of how we set up our electricity, kindly pay attention to all areas.

Product Rentals


Event Marquee Hire 3 rsz 1white christmas marquee
Preview 10 accessories categories, which include lighting, heating, furniture, etc. Alternatively, you can jump to pages via the main menu or drop-down menu shortcut.

Heating Hire

Event Marquee Hire 4 rsz white 1k heater
Heating hire from £10
Utilise our infrared or gas heaters to keep the cold out. They are straightforward and simple to operate, give off quick heat, and work with all the marquees we rent. They include adjustable clamps and can be used on poles up to 60 mm in diameter, marquees, and parasols.

Lighting Hire

Event Marquee Hire 5 rsz 3m x 9m with lights
Lighting hire from £10
Most of our clients choose to hold their special events in the evening. You have the advantage of lighting up the celebration, so it will be nothing short of fantastic.

Flooring Hire

Event Marquee Hire 6 rsz marquee and turf
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We acquired heavy-duty aluminium structures from Britain and premium artificial turf from Holland, and we discovered the perfect balance with ‘Green and Diamond Black’ carpeting that wonderfully complements the marquees!

PA System Hire

Event Marquee Hire 7 rsz sound system
PA system & DJ booth hire £150
Includes a 1600-watt PA system, a Bluetooth mixer, and a sophisticated DJ booth. This complements the tent colour of your choice by including both black and white panels.

Neon Art Hire

Event Marquee Hire 8 rsz 3m x 3m black tent new
Neon art & circle mesh £50!
Ideal for prom, sweet 16, graduation parties, 18th and 21st birthdays, hen parties, weddings, and many other events. These stunning angel wings, halo, and circle moon mesh is perfect for any occasion.

Table & Chair Hire

Event Marquee Hire 9 rsz chairs and tables
Table hire from £3
Dine in a nice setting with friends or family by renting one of our tables. These may accommodate any type of celebration or gathering. Hiring our tables is a terrific alternative to space-saving if you have a limited amount of space within your home. To give it that final touch, add tablecloths.

LED Furniture Hire

Event Marquee Hire 10 rsz gold package led furniture
LED Package hire from £120
Make a statement and provide your visitors with a unique experience with the cool glow from one of our many illuminated pieces. We have a variety of LED furniture to satisfy any need, whether you’re just wanting to freshen up your event or you want to create a VIP feel among your guests.

Satin Roof Lining

Event Marquee Hire 11 rsz 1satin roof lining
From £20 and available in black or white
Thanks to the gorgeous roof liner, your event will transform into a comfortable and enjoyable marquee for all types of events. Choosing the roof lining has the advantage of keeping the marquee warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer months.

Exteria Extras

Event Marquee Hire 12 BIG Marquee
Moroccan valances & leg curtains (free of charge)
Our elegant leg curtains and Moroccan roof valances will enhance the beauty of the marquee! The leg curtains pair wonderfully with these affordable and practical roof-lining valance strips. Why not further enhance the attractiveness of the marquee with these inexpensive but useful accessories?

Party Decorations

Event Marquee Hire 13 rsz latest 3m x 6m party marquee
Party Marquee Decorations
We have had the pleasure of working with One Stop Parties, a fantastic business in the event market. By planning and bringing all of your party ideas and themes to life, our suggested affiliate will offer you a first-rate professional decoration service.


Panel Bars

Event Marquee Hire 14 4.5m 12m beautiful marquee with uplights

Make the marquees stronger

If you intend to use these structures with sidewalls or rear windows, we highly advise hiring the panel bars and joining kits.

As a result, the fabric won’t droop or flap in the wind. It also greatly strengthens the structures and minimises material wrinkles.

Each panel bar attaches to the structure’s legs using the joint kits that are provided by threading it through each sidewall and rear window at the bottom.


Added Bonus

Event Marquee Hire 15 3m x 9m beauty of a marquee

Private events

We deliver the day before the event starts for private parties in safe areas so the marquees are set up early and may be decorated at your convenience. The following day after your event, we pick up the merchandise.

Public events

In some cases, set-up and collection of the products proceed on the same day if the event is on unsecured grounds.

Discounted prices

There will be an 80% discount for each additional day if you choose to rent the marquee or any other item for longer than the initial two nights permitted.

Optional Event Planning Service

Site Visit

Event Marquee Hire 16 81gjDIPCzDL. AC SL1500

Plan ahead

Do you know which marquee size will handle the expected number of guests? Or do you need the equipment to be fitted in a strangely shaped space? We advise you to get in touch with us to set up a qualified site examination if you are unsure.

Site visit fee

Within a 40-mile radius of (Kestrel Court M17 1SF), an evaluation is accessible. The inspection of your area will cost a set price of £25 and take between 30 and 45 minutes. A 50p per mile fuel surcharge will also be applied.

Site inspection

We will measure each step, look for any obstructions, and thoroughly describe the equipment we advise for your particular requirements.