Marquee Rentals


6m x 9m marquee
Examine five marquee categories, available in both black and white. Additionally, you can navigate to individual pages using the primary menu and drop-down menu shortcuts.

3M Wide Range

Event Marquee Hire 1 rsz 3m x 3m white gazebo
White 3m range from £80
All of our structures include aluminium load-bearing frames that are very resistant to corrosion. These models have the ability to endure wind gusts reaching speeds of 70 mph, making them the most robust marquees currently available.

4.5M Wide Range

4.5m x 6m party tent
White 4.5m range from £190
Businesses highly regard each marquee we offer for hire, and they are British-manufactured using top-quality materials to meet the specific requirements of the professional market.

6M Wide Range

6m x 6m white marquee and green artificial turf
White 6m range from £250
The marquees provide protection from precipitation, strong winds, and low temperatures. Nevertheless, if the temperature drops, we recommend renting our electric or indirect marquee heaters.

Black Range

Event Marquee Hire 2 rsz black 45m x 6m marquee edit
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These collapsible marquees are an ideal choice for safeguarding your next outdoor BBQ or celebration from potential rainfall or providing a spacious and attractive shelter from the sun for your visitors.

Marquee Saftey

Weights for marquees
Weights and electrical
This page provides information on the importance of stabilising the marquees. Please pay close attention to all sections, as we will provide a concise description of how we ensure the security of these structures.

Product Rentals


Event Marquee Hire 3 rsz 1white christmas marquee
Preview 10 different categories of accessories, such as lighting, heating, furniture, and more. Alternatively, you have the option to navigate to different pages either through the main menu or by using the drop-down menu shortcut.

Heating Hire

Event Marquee Hire 4 rsz white 1k heater
Heating hire from £15
To prevent cold air intrusion, use our infrared or indirect heaters. They are easy to use, emit rapid heat, and are compatible with all the marquees we hire.

Lighting Hire

Event Marquee Hire 5 rsz 3m x 9m with lights
Lighting hire from £10
The majority of our clientele opts to have their memorable occasions during the late hours. Your ability to illuminate the celebration gives you a distinct advantage, ensuring that it will be nothing less than extraordinary.

Flooring Hire

Event Marquee Hire 6 rsz marquee and turf
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We obtained robust aluminium structures from Britain and high-quality artificial turf from Holland. We found the ideal combination with ‘Green and Diamond Black’ carpeting that beautifully enhances the marquees.

PA System Hire

Event Marquee Hire 7 rsz sound system
PA system and DJ booth hire £150
This page comprises a 1600-watt PA system, a Bluetooth mixer, and an advanced DJ booth. This enhances the marquee’s colour selection by incorporating panels in both black and white.

Neon Art Hire

Event Marquee Hire 8 rsz 3m x 3m black tent new
Neon art and circle mesh £50
Perfect for proms, sweet 16s, graduation parties, 18th and 21st birthdays, hen parties, weddings, and various other occasions. This exquisite combo of angel wings, halo, and circular moon mesh is ideal for any event.

Tables / Chairs Hire

Event Marquee Hire 9 rsz chairs and tables
Table hire from £3
Rent the Granalite tables and spend time with friends or family in an elegant setting. Opting to rent our tables is an excellent solution for maximising space when you have limited room in your house.

LED Furniture Hire

Event Marquee Hire 10 rsz gold package led furniture
LED package hire from £120
Our diverse selection of lighted objects emits a captivating radiance that enhances the marquee experience. We provide a diverse range of LED furniture options to cater to all requirements, whether you just wish to enhance your event or aim to establish an exclusive ambiance for your guests.

Satin Roof Lining

Event Marquee Hire 11 rsz 1satin roof lining
Satin roof liner from £20
Your event will effortlessly transform into a luxurious and pleasurable marquee suitable for any kind of occasion with the addition of the exquisite roof liner. Opting for a roof liner offers the benefit of enhancing insulation in the marquee, ensuring warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

Exterior Extras

Event Marquee Hire 12 BIG Marquee
Moroccan canopies and leg curtains
Our sophisticated leg curtains and Moroccan canopy strips will elevate the aesthetics of the marquee. These cost-effective and functional Moroccan canopy strips are perfectly complemented by the leg curtains. Why not augment the appeal of the marquee by using these affordable yet practical accessories?

Party Decorations

Event Marquee Hire 13 rsz 4wedding party marquee
Party marquee decorations
We have had the privilege of collaborating with One Stop Parties, an exceptional enterprise in the event industry. Our recommended affiliate specialises in meticulously designing and executing party ideas and themes, providing you with a top-notch professional decoration service.


Panel Bars

Event Marquee Hire 14 4.5m 12m beautiful marquee with uplights

Make the marquees stronger

Optional Event Planning Service

Site Visit

Event Marquee Hire 15 81gjDIPCzDL. AC SL1500

Gain insights

Do you know how big the marquee should be to fit the expected number of guests? Is installation of the equipment required in a location that has an irregular shape? If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact us so that we can schedule a site assessment with one of our specialists.

Site visit price

We can conduct a site assessment within a 40-mile radius of Kestrel Court, M17 1SF. The inspection costs £25, and the assessment of your area will take 30 to 45 minutes. Additionally, there will be a fuel fee of 50 pence per mile.

Site inspection

We will do a comprehensive assessment of each step, meticulously inspect for any obstacles, and provide a detailed description of the equipment that we recommend based on your specific needs.