Dance Floor

Dance Floor
Dance Floor
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4m x 4m dance floor
Customised for a 4.5m x 6m marquee
Customised for a 4.5m x 9m marquee
Customised for a 4.5m x 12m marquee
Black and white 4m x 4m dance floor
Our portable dance floor panels have 100% floor contact so there is no possibility of a breakthrough. An aluminium-edging feature adds durability and protects the edge of each floor panel. The unique non-slip base also protects and secures the panels in place.

The portable 4m x 4m black & white dance floor will be available for our 6m x 4.5m, 9m x 4.5m and 12m x 4.5m marquees as it needs to be set up in a Clearspan marquee! The dance floor will be made of high-quality materials and will be the cheapest dance floor to hire in this range of hard standing dance floors.

Available in 2019 priced at £150

The black and white 4m x 4m dance floor will be available later this year as it is being custom made.

With this high-quality dance floor, you will get free professional set up and removal giving this item a price that will be unbeatable. So be prepared and get ready to be amazed!