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    Please note!

    Health and safety considerations prevent us from setting up our event apparatus during severe weather conditions, including stormy weather and high winds. If severe weather causes an unanticipated cancellation, we will reimburse your deposit.

    Payment terms

    A 20% deposit of the total cost is required to secure a booking. Once we have distributed and assembled the marquee and/or furnishings, we will require a bank transfer or cash payment. If we don’t receive the deposit, we won’t confirm the booking.


    We reserve the right to withdraw or revise any quotes up until the time of acceptance. The hirer, upon receipt of a deposit, will confirm acceptance in writing.

    Site Conditions

    We are not responsible for any damage to concealed services that we were unaware of beforehand.

    The rental payment you make for our equipment does not cover any improvements or maintenance to your garden.

    You are entirely responsible for guaranteeing that the PowerPoint is both reliable and appropriate.

    Due to safety protocols, the marquee is off-limits to family members, children, and visitors during equipment installation.

    To ensure cleanliness, it is necessary to fully eliminate any animal excrement from the designated area where the installation team will be exporting and installing the equipment. We will not proceed with installation work until you have thoroughly cleared any animal excrement from the area or walkway.

    Hire conditions

    Unless you have paid extra for site corrections, the company is solely responsible for equipment delivery, construction, and dismantling.
    In the event that unforeseen circumstances necessitate the acquisition of additional equipment or work, you will be responsible for the associated expenses.

    This includes delays caused by subcontractors or customers who forgot to remove or install supplementary equipment.



    In the event of equipment damage, a complete charge for repair or replacement will apply.

    While the company is erecting the equipment, no one may enter it.

    You should not tamper with the equipment’s structure or any of its components.

    The company must receive written notification of the equipment’s delivery address(es) before the hire period begins.

    Without written consent, the company will not authorise the transfer of any equipment to another location.

    We will make every effort to resolve any issues that may arise as a result of inaccurate or defective equipment.

    If required, we reserve the right to employ the most suitable substitute. If we cannot provide an alternative, we will cancel the contract and refund the deposit immediately. Otherwise, we will not be liable for any claims.


    We will not accept liability for the following:

    The following are not subject to our liability:

    (a) Sites with uncut grass, or those that are unsuitable or inaccessible, may cause delivery delays or failures.

    (b) Delayed or non-delivery due to war, rioting, strikes, or industrial disputes.

    (c) Unfavourable weather or atmospheric conditions can either delay or prevent delivery.

    (d) Any injury to property or persons that occurs during the period.

    (e) Issues arise as a result of a failure to obtain the necessary permission from the public or local authorities.

    (f) Damage or loss of equipment caused by accidents or flooding.

    Weather / Marquees

    Weather image


    Highly saturated soil will cause the stakes to lose their holding power. Losing tension from the stakes will cause the poles to become unstable, thereby making the structure hazardous in high winds. If the weather turns for the worse in your area after we have erected the marquees, you must contact us immediately.


    Wind or rain can cause the tension of the marquee to change by loosening ratchet assemblies, pulling stakes, or causing the poles to shift or sink. It is very important to do routine checks and contact us if you have noticed any storm straps or ground pegs becoming loose from excessive rainfall or high winds.


    Immediately evacuate the marquee until the chance of a lightning strike is no longer present.


    Tents, marquees, canopies, structures, and any temporary waterproof (Fabric or PVC) shelter are not designed to carry any type of snow loading. These products should not be used if snow of any kind is present or expected, and must be evacuated immediately in the event of snow loading.

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