Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve crafted this FAQ page to answer many of your frequently asked questions.

When must I reserve the equipment?
We highly recommend that you book in advance to ensure that you receive exactly what you need. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we rent out a vast selection of equipment, there is a chance that the specific item you need will be unavailable during periods of high demand. Making a reservation in advance ensures the fulfilment of your requirements.

How long will I be able to use the equipment?
Without a set schedule, we typically erect marquees the day before the event and dismantle them one to two days later. For example, if your event occurs on a Saturday evening, we will assemble the marquees on Thursday or Friday and dismantle them on Sunday or Monday. You can be sure that you will have plenty of time to relax and decorate before the event.

Can I extend the hire period?
Typically, the stated rental fees are applicable for a singular occasion that does not exceed a duration of five days. This timeframe encompasses both the installation and disassembly of the rental equipment. Those who are planning multiple events or want to extend the event can take advantage of special savings for additional days..

How do I determine what size marquee I need?

When determining the required marquee size for your event, there are several factors to consider, and there are often multiple correct solutions. In order to provide the most suitable recommendation, our event consultants may require a site visit if the event is complex or if there is insufficient space to host it.

  • What are the measurements of the space?

  • What is your event or function type?

  • How many people are you catering for?

  • Are your guests going to be seated or is it a casual standing event?

  • Do you require flooring?

Despite the fact that this could seem complicated, our event experts have experience guiding you towards the ideal marquee. On-site visits will incur a fee. For further details on quotes, please contact one of our event experts.

Can I hire a marquee in the wintertime?
Indeed, marquees are particularly popular during the winter season when used alongside a selection of the heaters that we offer. The number of heaters required will vary depending on the temperature and the size of the marquee. Please be aware that it is essential to consider the likelihood of setting up and dismantling a marquee in extremely low temperatures.

Can marquees be erected on concrete or asphalt and on other surfaces where they cannot be pegged into the ground?
They can, indeed. Weights can be used in place of pegs.

When should I cut the grass?
We recommend mowing the lawn a few days before the arrival of the marquee flooring. Mowing the lawn will also ensure a level surface for the carpet installation.

Will the flooring protect the grass?
If the ground is damp, saturated with water, and lacks proper drainage, people walking on our flooring might cause more damage to the lawn underneath.

Can I amend the booking once I have paid the deposit? 
Although modifications to the reservation are permissible, cancellations of specific products, such as heating, do not incur additional fees. Please make sure to promptly implement any necessary adjustments. Changes made within seven days of the scheduled installation date will compromise our ability to guarantee the timely delivery of the chosen equipment.

Can I hire furniture alone?

Yes, we can deliver furniture to your address; however, delivery fees will apply regardless of the number of items you rent.

Can I open the marquee sides?

Affirmative. We offer the flexibility to either open or close all four sides of every marquee that you want to rent. The rental fee for a marquee generally covers the cost of the roof and all four sides. However, you have the option to exclude the sides.

Does it matter if my garden/site has a slope?
A minor gradient is no cause for concern. A steeper incline, however, could potentially affect the marquee’s construction. You may forward images to us via email or WhatsApp, and we are delighted to do an on-site visit and provide guidance.

How will you get through to the garden?
If there is an entry at the front of the home, we can use a side passage. Please inform us beforehand if there are any stairs present.

Where can I leave a review?
We encourage you to contact us and provide feedback on your marquee rental experience with our company. Another option is to use Google to submit a review.

Can I send you some pictures? 
We always welcome receiving photographs from your event, and we also offer rewards to patrons who provide us with exceptional event photography. In order to showcase the aesthetic appeal of our events, we will feature them prominently on our website and advertising platforms.
We appreciate you taking the time to go over our commonly asked questions. We believe we have answered all of the queries you may have. Please notify us if it hasn’t.

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