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We have a great selection of items on our order form.

If you select panel bars, flooring, lighting and heating, please make sure that it corresponds to the tent size you choose.

Delivery Costs

The delivery fee of 50 pence per mile covers a four-way trip from our home office location.

Post Code M41 7AL.

Set-up and removal by our experienced team is free!

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If you require assistance, send us a message on the WhatsApp link below or give us a call.


White & Black Tents

We stock both black & white tents

Contact 1 8961288
3M x 3M

Panel Bars

Highly recommended if sidewalls are needed.

Contact 2 9347795
3M x 3M

Green & Black Artificial Turf

We stock both black & green turf.

Contact 3 8921783
3M x 3M

Green Matted Flooring

The green matted flooring comes with tarpaulin underneath.

Contact 4 rsz befunky collage 1
3M x 3M

Trestle Tables

Each 6ft table can seat 8 people, and each 4ft table can seat 4 people.

Contact 5 8921789
3M x 3M


We have tablecloths for both the 6ft and 4ft tables.

Contact 6 9323294
3M x 3M

Beer Pong Table

The beer pong table comes with cups, triangles and balls.

Contact 7 9345088
3M x 3M

Grey Granalite Chairs

The grey granalite chairs are compact, sturdy and comfortable to sit on.

Contact 8 8921939
3M x 3M

LED Furniture

you can hire the bar alone, or glow stools. If you want to save money then hire the bundle for a combined price of £120 as opposed to £143.

Contact 9 8962086
3M x 3M

Neon Angel Wings & Halo

Take unforgettable pictures with these beautiful bespoke angel wings and halo. A large 200cm white circle mesh is included. Which is ideal for adding our own decorations.

Contact 10 rsz befunky collage 2
3M x 3M

Infrared Heaters

We have matched the recommended heating according to size.

Contact 11 8921935
3M x 3M

Gas heaters

 Under very cold conditions, gas heaters will be recommended in conjunction with infrared heaters.

Contact 12 8921961
3M x 3M

1600w Bluetooth PA System

Very efficient and easy to operate, even for the first-timers.

Contact 13 9215608
3M x 3M

White Globe Lights

Select company recommendations, if you are unsure of which length fits your size marquee.

Contact 14 8282790
3M x 3M

Warm Festoon Lights

Our pro festoon series is a high-quality lighting option, not to be confused with cheaper festoon strings you can find on the market!

Contact 15 8921963
3M x 3M

Rope Lights

We stock white, multicoloured or blue rope lights. Select company recommendations, if you are unsure of which length fits your size marquee.

Contact 16 rsz rope lights
3M x 3M

Marquee Uplighters

Super-bright units are capable of a large range of colours.

Contact 17 8921969
3M x 3M

LED Disco Lights

Projecting an extremely surreal pattern of effects upon its targeted surface, and highly detailed crisp beams of light that dance around you as they cross each other in sequence.

Contact 18 8921970
3M x 3M

Premium Laser Light

For the ultimate experience when hiring the PA system, we recommend the Laser Stage Lighting.

Contact 19 8986809
3M x 3M

Ultraviolet Lights

The ultraviolet LED is a powerful UV LED fixture capable of covering wide area spaces.

Contact 20 8921971
3M x 3M


ⓘ Optional Event Planning Service

Plan ahead

Do you know which marquee size is best suited to accommodate the number of guests attending? Or do you have an awkward size area where you want the equipment to be installed? If you are unsure, then we recommend that you contact us to arrange a professional site inspection.

Site visit fee

An assessment is available within a 40-mile radius of Manchester M41 7AL. There will be a flat fee of £25 to inspect your area, which could take 30 to 45 minutes. Additionally, there will be a fuel charge of 50 pence per mile.

Site inspection

Step by step, we will measure, check for any obstacles and explain in detail which equipment we recommend for your specific needs.

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