Anchorage & Safety

50kg Weighted Water Tanks, Storm Straps & Stakes!

Hard Ground

Grass Area

High-quality weights

We have upgraded our marquees anchoring system with high-quality weighted water tanks, specifically designed for Marquees & Gazebos.

Grass areas

Marquees installed on firm grass areas will need storm straps and stakes. (Free of charge)

Hard ground areas

Marquees installed on hard standing surfaces will need refillable 50kg weighted water tanks.

Hard ground area options

Where possible, we can strap the marquees to solid fences (e.g. by lifting fence panels and strapping the structures to beams) or, we can strap them to trees or railings with a solid hold. However, in cases where these are not an option, the weighted water tanks are a great alternative.

Weighted water tank options

If there is a water supply available for use on the premises, there will be no extra charge for the water tanks. However, in cases where water supply is not available and therefore the tanks must arrive pre-filled, there will be a charge of £3 per weighted water tank.

Hose & adaptors

Our company installers can arrive equipped with a hose and adaptors for taps if necessary.

Anchoring without weights or stakes!

Storm straps to beams

Storm straps to railings

Storm straps to trees


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