Marquee Safety

Weights for hard-ground areas

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50kg marquee water weights

If you can provide an outside tap or hose, we will supply the 50kg weights at no cost to you. However, there will be a fee of £3 per weighted water tank if there is no water supply, and the tanks must be delivered pre-filled.

Storm straps and pegs for grass areas

Storm straps and stakes

Storm straps & pegs

Marquees installed on firm grass will require storm straps and stakes. (free of charge)

Hard-ground anchorage options

Storm straps

Storm straps to beams

Storm straps

Storm straps to railings

Storm straps

Storm straps to trees

If feasible, we can secure the marquees firmly to solid points in the garden or area by lifting fence panels and anchoring the structures to beams, trees, or railings. Weighted water tanks are an excellent option in the absence of any of the aforementioned choices.

Heavy-duty 3120 W extension reels

Black Marquees 2 rsz extension reels

Extension reels

What is included?

When hiring the lighting, we provide single extension wires or 13-amp extension coils with thermal overload protection for the heating options.

RCD (Residual Current Device)

It is essential to have a residual current device (RCD) to protect against the potential danger of electric shock. It is likely that new-build homes have fuse boards that already have one installed. Hence, we recommend connecting only two infrared heaters simultaneously to one particular outside outlet. In order to avoid excessive strain on the wiring, it is necessary to distribute the electrical current when utilising three or more infrared heaters. Furthermore, it is vital to install the additional units indoors.

Professional installation

Our staff, certified and trained in fire and safety protocols, will expertly wire and install all cables. We will provide further instructions on the day of your event.


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