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A Top Party Marquee Hire

Event furniture, heating, lighting, flooring, DJ system, and much more.

We provide an affordable service in the North West of England, offering top-notch marquees and event equipment for hire, starting at a minimum price of £80.

Our team of experts can provide you with comprehensive guidance to address the diverse requirements of your event. Whether it is coordinating a garden party in Cheshire, a wedding in Manchester, a birthday celebration in Liverpool, or a business event in Buxton, including organisers of large-scale events such as county shows and festivals,.

We dedicate ourselves to collaborating with our clients, demonstrating a strong personal commitment to the process. Our ability to solve problems and innovative thinking allow us to honour our promises and fulfil our obligations.

4.5m x 6m party tent

Wedding Receptions

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Marquee Hire Manchester 3 rsz white marquee 3m x 12m

Corporate Events

Teen Parties

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We have developed a 10-point guarantee since we are so sure of the outstanding service.


Superb, impartial advice
We will provide continuous updates throughout the process and ensure that we fulfil every commitment we make.

There are no hidden costs
Prior to commencing any work, all fees and any later modifications will be mutually agreed upon in advance.

Requests and queries
Will be replied to within two working days.

Emergency contacts will be available
During your event, we will have live personnel available to promptly answer your call in case of an emergency.

Sites will be left as we find them
Upon completion, we will leave the area in an orderly state.

Services will be provided by fully qualified staff
To ensure your peace of mind, we will provide you with the contact information of our highly trained team.

Final checks to your contracted items
We will carry out thorough inspections after your event to ensure that we have fulfilled all of our commitments.

Realistic timescales will be set and adhered to
We guarantee the timely delivery of your marquee installation, adhering to the agreed-upon specifications.

Ensured wet weather plan
In the event of bad weather, we will execute a comprehensive contingency strategy to reduce or eliminate any disturbances to your occasion.

Exceptional service
You will want to recommend us to your friends!

Video Demonstrations

We’re different. The devil is in the details.

Hiring event equipment from a reputable company might be challenging, but purchasing a high-quality marquee through online channels presents even greater difficulty. While certain elements may seem comparable at first glance, the fundamental distinctions reside in the unseen details. The durability of our marquees is extraordinary, and our commitment to providing great customer service is unmatched.

White 3m x 4.5m gazebo

Celebrity Clients

We are popular with a vast array of celebrity clients and well-known faces seen on TV.

Wedding Venues

Throughout the years, A Top Party has worked with a variety of bespoke wedding venues.

Marquee Hire Manchester 5 edited 6m x 9m white marquee

North-West Marquees

A Top Party Marquee Hire Manchester allows you to directly experience our exceptional, high-quality equipment and personalised approach provided by our well-regarded customer service team.

Authorised Installers

All of our personnel are authorised to assemble and disassemble our marquees for any occasion; the provision of lighting and the inclusion of tables and chairs can also be arranged.